Rafael Buñuel    

Born in New York City in 1940, Rafael Buñuel spent his childhood in Mexico City. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts UCLA. Rafael has written over 20 plays, most of which have been staged in New York and Los Angeles. His play “Forever,” is currently in the midst of a long run in Mexico City. As a visual artist, Rafael has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles (Christine Argillet Gallery, Jan Baum Gallery, Italian Cultural Center); Santa Monica (Rico Gallery); Big Sur (Henry Miller Memorial Library) and Madrid (Fauna Galeria). His work is placed in numerous private collections in California, New York, Mexico City, Paris, and Madrid. Rafael’s recently published book of drawings and etchings, “Inkings,” printed in London, is currently available.


The etchings are available directly from Eisenberg Press, as well as from Jean de Merry on Melrose Place in Los Angeles