Click the above sections to see a reflection of my various and sundry aesthetic journeys over the course of the past four decades...

Current focus has been development of my "TrumBone" mouthpiece, so that I can have truly doal facility on trumpet and valve trombone.  Here's an example.

And there's more!  For example, this one...

Over the past decade, I've had a dual focus - my own work, and supporting the work of my beloved wife June Pagan.  I continue to develop her website, while at the same time honing my photography and editorial skills...


That endeavor has led to a deep immersion in video production, which is definitely a work-in-progress.  Here is a link to June's Youtube page, where my video shooting/editing efforts can be viewed:



I am, of course, still doing music.  I'm very enthusiastic about my ongoing involvement with Conjunto Oye, a large ensemble under the direction of Adam Rundquist.  Here's a link to our Facebook page:


Conjunto Oye on Facebook


Here is a link to the Youtube page for Conjunto Oye:


Conjunto Oye on Youtube

I have my own Youtube page as well, which is overstuffed with all manner of video and audio files that I have posted over the years.  That will be found here:



Gary Eisenberg's Youtube Page